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    East 195 silicone structural sealant

    Dongfang 195 Silicone Structural Sealant is a one-component, neutral-curing elastic sealant

    Product Details

    Product descriptions
    It is single-package, neutral solidified elastic sealant
    It has the following unique features:
    Superior cohesiveness, even with no premier coating, to most construction materials like glass, coated glaze, anodized aluminum profile, granite and coated metal materials.
    It is non-corrosiveness.
    Product features
    It is single-package ropiness paste which can keep uniform ropiness and be easily extruded within -25℃ to +50℃. However, the operation temperature should be controlled within 5℃ to 40℃.
    Main use
    Used in many kinds of glass curtain wall Used in making multiple insulated glass Used in edge recombination joint mixture Many other usages
    Packing specifications
    Net:300ml in plastic cylinder package
    Net::590ml in enteroid aluminum foil flexible package
    Complied standard
    1MG GB/16776-2005
    Black, White Grey or customized color according to requirements
    Storage period
    It can be stored for 9 months at temperature below 27℃ in a cool and dry place.
    Security tips
    Thorough cohesiveness and compatibility certification is needed to test its appropriateness before using.
    Operation tips
    The operation should be done after the test for cohesiveness and compatibility has been confirmed
    It would be better if the Gasket material is foamed polyethylene profiles, polyethylene tape can be used in slight seam.
    Adhesive layer should be within 6mm to 12mm, The adhesive width must be more than the sealant thickness, and it would be better for the proportion of width and length 2:1.
    Moisture, dust and grease must not exist when the sealant is used on the constuction material surface. Otherwise, solvent or oil remover must be used to clean it and keep dry.
    To make sure the edge clean and good, the tape can be used to cover the interfaces. However the tape can not touch the sealant surface that needed to be operated, and the covered tape need to be cleaned out when the operation finish.
    Warranty range
    Before using it, users need to send silicone structural sealant and matched auxiliary materials to Quality Test Center (or our company) to test its cohesiveness and compatibility thoroughly.
    Operations can be carried out according to <195/196 silicone structural sealant process manual> after the test passes.
    The test for 195/196 silicone structural sealant should be applied to 1MG GB/16776-2005. If any questions, users should inform our company one month before the expired day.
    After confirmed, similar products will be as substitute. We are free of any responsibility for any repaired cost. We are responsible to the silicone structural sealant performance that stores and uses correctly within the validity.